don't forget to write to me soon


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Chia sẻ bởi: Hứa Văn Điệp

Don't forget đồ sộ write đồ sộ u soon, ____?

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Nothing frightens you, ____?

Somebody's just called my name, ____?

I suppose you don't lượt thích the course, ____?

Everyone's going đồ sộ be there, ____?

We never enjoy our đô thị break, ____?

There will be more and more megacities in the world,

No one wants đồ sộ live in a polluted đô thị, ____?

I think đô thị dwellers can enjoy an exciting nightlife, ____?

There's hardly anything that can be done đồ sộ reduce pollution, ____?

You have đồ sộ wear uniform when going đồ sộ work, ____?

We are supposed đồ sộ submit the assignment by Friday, ____?

Put these flowers near the window, ____?

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None of the old people likes living in urban areas, ____?

Neither of the locations was ideal for a new shopping mall, ____?

I believe nothing serious happened, ____?

Sophie has got no major problems living in the new đô thị, ____?

There are some things Americans would change, and ____ thing people would change is their education.

____ people from England who went đồ sộ live in North America nearly 400 years ago were called Pilgrims.

In our tradition, when people mention "matter of betel and areca” they are talking about ____ issue.

Cultural diversity makes our country ____ by making it a ____ place in which đồ sộ live.


rich - more interesting


richest - most interesting


richer - more interesting