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In this Vietnamese name, the surname is Phạm. In accordance with Vietnamese custom, this person should be referred to lớn by the given name, Vượng.

Phạm Nhật Vượng

Vượng in 2019

Born5 August 1968 (age 55)

Hanoi, North Vietnam

Alma materHanoi University of Mining and Geology[1]
Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute[2]
OccupationProperty developer
Known forThe first Vietnamese Billionaire, richest Vietnamese, founder and chairman of Vingroup
SpousePhạm Thu Hương

Phạm Nhật Vượng (born 5 August 1968) is a Vietnamese property developer and Vietnam's first billionaire.[3] He is the founder and chairman of Vingroup.

Personal life[edit]

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Vượng was born on 5 August 1968 in Hanoi; his paternal family has origins in thành phố Hà Tĩnh in north-central Vietnam.[4] His father served in the Vietnamese Army's air defence division, and his mother is a Hai Phonger, who had a tea cửa hàng, which left the family with a very meager income.[3] He grew up in Hanoi and graduated from Kim Lien High School in 1985.[5]

In 1987, he entered Hanoi University of Mining and Geology and was sent to lớn Russia to lớn study in the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute,[1][2] for which he was able to lớn obtain a scholarship thanks to lớn his profound mathematical aptitude.[3] He graduated from this university in 1992.[1]

After graduating, he married Phạm Thu Hương, whom he had known since high school, and moved to lớn Kharkiv, Ukraine.[2]

The couple has 3 children: Phạm Nhật Quân Anh - current Deputy General Director of Vinpearl Company Limited, Phạm Nhật Minh Hoàng and Phạm Nhật Minh Anh.[6][7]

Career as an entrepreneur[edit]

In the 1990s, while living in Ukraine, Pham Nhat Vuong started an instant noodle restaurant business using money borrowed from friends and family. Soon he also started producing and selling instant noodles.[3]

In 1993, he founded Technocom, which would become a market leader in dehydrated culinary products in Ukraine.[8] Vượng sold Technocom to lớn Nestlé for $150 million in 2009, before returning to lớn Vietnam.[2][9]

Vượng's first projects in Vietnam were Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang (opened in 2003) and Vincom City Towers (later renamed Vincom Ba Trieu) in central Hanoi (opened in 2004). Vincom went public in 2007. It merged with Vinpearl, Vượng's luxury resort business, to lớn khuông VinGroup in 2007.[3] VinGroup is headquartered in its Riverside township in Long Biên District in Eastern Hanoi.

In năm ngoái, Vượng was listed as the richest person in Vietnam with assets totaling VNĐ 24.3 trillion (approximately US$1.1 billion), which more than thở quadrupled those of the second richest person, Trần Đình Long of Hanoi Hoa Phat Corporation.[10] His wife, Phạm Thu Hương and sister-in-law Phạm Thúy Hằng ranked third and fifth respectively. As of 12 April 2021, Forbes estimated his net worth to lớn be US$9 Billion.[11]

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