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The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) "The Beauty Inside photo 5" "The Beauty Inside photo 6" "The Beauty Inside photo 7" "The Beauty Inside photo 8" The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015) The Beauty Inside (2015)

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A woman (Han Hyo-joo) loves a man whose toàn thân magically changes age, gender or nationality every day.

  • Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Original Language: Korean

  • Director: Baek Jong-Yeol

  • Writer: Kim Sun-jung

  • Release Date (Theaters):  limited

    Xem thêm: i will come and see you

  • Release Date (Streaming):

  • Runtime:

  • Distributor: Well Go USA

  • Production Co: Yong Film

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  • Apr 29, 2016

    Remember how I've said, on several reviews, that South Korean rom-coms needed a breath of fresh air from the stale and dull formula. A new perspective that would, hopefully, inspire other filmmakers to tướng think outside the box, if even for just a little bit. Well, I can't say that this movie fills that purpose 100%. It does offer enough that is different that it might inspire other films to tướng pursue some different elements to tướng tell their stories, but I think that it will, largely, be business as usual in South Korean when it comes to tướng romantic comedies and that makes u sad. But this review isn't about that. Long story short, I genuinely enjoyed this movie. The fact that it features something that's more 'ambitious' than vãn your typical SK rom-com has some small part to tướng tự with it. If you didn't read the mô tả tìm kiếm, the film sees Woo-jin wake up as a different person each day. He, eventually, grows infatuated with this woman who works at this furniture store and he struggles to tướng find a way to tướng approach her considering the fact that he won't be the same person the next day. He could be an overweight man, an old woman or a child. He could be anyone. And the film đơn hàng with that in an interesting way, because a person lượt thích that is, obviously, very likely to tướng lead a lonely existence due to tướng the fact that they'd feel lượt thích no one would believe them or how their change might be perceived by those who are a little bit more shallow. The film's theme is as obvious as its name. It's about the emotional and not the physical. The film isn't as forceful with this as it might come across, but I'm not gonna sit here and say that the film is exactly subtle with its intentions. I think the movie works largely because Woo-jin and Yi-soo's, played by the lovely Han Hyo Joo, romance is actually believable and relatable. What I mean that is the fact that you can understand all sides of the situation. You can understand Woo-jin being completely infatuated with Yi-soo, since she is the only person who's able to tướng see him as he is and not as the person he is on the outside, and Yi-soo's growing uncomfortable with the fact that she will never be able to tướng recognize the man she's grown to tướng love if they ever become separated for an extended period of time. This leads to tướng Yi-soo becoming ill as a side effect of these pills she's been taken to tướng help her sleep. There's a moment, when Yi-soo first shows signs of illness, where I was lượt thích 'oh boy', fearing that this would've led to tướng it being found out that Yi-soo had some sort of terminal brain cancer and it would've led to tướng melodrama. Thankfully, no such thing happens and I couldn't have been happier. The film does get a little weepy and sentimental, but there's something magical about this that doesn't make this sentimentality as much of an issue as it might've been in other films. Woo-jin decides to tướng break up with Yi-soo to tướng avoid her becoming sicker as a result of the pills and goes on to tướng become more of a recluse, moving to tướng the Czech Republic to tướng continue his work building custom chairs. Again, there's something magical about the film, yet how it treats its characters is a little more 'realistic' than vãn one might imagine. It's not as fantastical a movie as one would imagine and I liked that. Plus the film pulls off something that's very hard to tướng tự and that is make sure that there's chemistry between Yi-soo and whatever version of Woo-jin she may come across that day. That's difficult to tướng pull off, considering that there are ví many different Woo-jin's in the film. She's working with a different person, ví trying to tướng keep that chemistry intact must have been difficult, but they found a way to tướng tự it. It's probably great editing on their part, but I can't complain much. What matters is that they found a way to tướng tự it, regardless of the means. Which brings us to tướng the ending itself, or the last shot of the scene, which might actually be one of the sweetest endings I've seen to tướng any of these movies ever. Essentially, Yi-soo goes to tướng Czech Republic to tướng try and get Woo-jin back. They get back together, Woo-jin proposes. Yi-soo then tells him to tướng tự it properly and she tells him to tướng go back a bit further and to tướng come towards her. As the current Woo-jin walks towards her, and this should be expected, you get to tướng see all of the different Woo-jins walking towards her as well, they just flash them for a second on his walk to tướng her. Again, they're being way too literal about their 'inner beauty being more important than vãn outer beauty', but it's a really fucking sweet scene. And it almost actually made u give this film a higher score, that's how good I thought it was. I didn't give it a higher score, but I was close to tướng it. It really is a great ending, as cheesy as some people might see it as. But that's about it. The film has its flaws, for sure. It's also fairly sentimental. But I think the film is smartly written and strongly acted. I would definitely recommend it if you have Netflix and have an open mind regarding these types of films.