what kind of music you like

"What kind of music vì thế you listen to?"

I dread this question, because I simply cannot answer it quickly and honestly. I could reply with "Oh, everything!", but then I would sound lượt thích one of those people who aren't actually into music much at all, and just say they lượt thích everything because they don't really care. I could reply with "I lượt thích experimental hip-hop" and that would be true, since I vì thế lượt thích experimental hip-hop, but it wouldn't be the whole truth since it's simply one of the many many genres I lượt thích. The only entirely truthful answer to tướng this question would be "I don't really have a music taste as much as I have a way of approaching, analyzing and digesting music. The genre is never a guarantee that I will lượt thích or dislike a piece of music, and I take pride in discovering and trying to tướng understand as many forms of musical expression as possible." But that would take an awfully long time to tướng say, and would likely confuse the other person. What vì thế you say when people ask you what kind of music you're into, and how should I handle these sticky situations?

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